dbfadd - Man Page

add a row to an xBase DBF file


dbfadd xbase_file field_values...


Adds a row to the DBF file named by xbase_file with column values given by the field_values options that follow. A NULL value is denoted by an empty argument.



the name of an existing xBase file


list of values to be inserted into the xBase file. You must specify a number of values equal to the number of fields the xBase file has. The order of values must also reflect the order of fields inside xBase file.


dbfadd testbase.dbf REGION1 25.656 150.22

Assuming that testbase.dbf has 3 fields (NAME, AREA and VALUE), this command line will insert a new record into testbase.dbf with the value "REGION1" for NAME, ´25.656´ for AREA and ´150.22´ for VALUE field.

Exit Status


Successful program execution.


Missing xbase_file or field_values arguments.


Failed to open xbase_file for reading and appending.


Too few values in field_values...


The following diagnostics may be issued on stdout:

DBFOpen(xbase_file,"rb+") failed.

Got count1 fields, but require count2


dbfcreate is part of shapelib, maintained by Frank Warmerdam. This guide was created by Eduardo Patoo Kanegae and converted to manpage by Johan Van de Wauw. It was further enhanced with the man page written by Joonas Pihlaja (jpihlaja@cc.helsinki.fi).


Field values that are too large to fit in a field are silently truncated from the right. Numeric field values that can´t be parsed by atof(3) get undefined values.

See Also

dbfcat(1), dbfcreate(1), dbfdump(1), dbfinfo(1), shpadd(1), shpcat(1), shpcentrd(1), shpcreate(1), shpdump(1), shpdxf(1), shpfix(1), shpinfo(1), shpproj(1), shprewind(1), shptest(1)

Referenced By

dbfcat(1), dbfcreate(1), dbfdump(1), dbfinfo(1), Shape_PointInPoly(1), shpadd(1), shpcat(1), shpcentrd(1), shpcreate(1), shpdata(1), shpdump(1), shpdxf(1), shpfix(1), shpinfo(1), shpproj(1), shprewind(1), shpsort(1), shptest(1), shptreedump(1), shpwkb(1).

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