dbd - Man Page

CNID database maintenance


dbd [-cfFstuvV] volumepath


dbd scans all file and directories of AFP volumes, updating the CNID database of the volume. It must be run with appropriate permissions i.e. as root..



convert from "appledouble = v2" to "appledouble = ea"


delete and recreate CNID database


location of the afp.conf config file


scan volume: treat the volume as read only and don't perform any filesystem modifications


show statistics while running


username for use with AFP volumes using user variable $u




display version info

Cnid Background

The CNID backends maintains name to ID mappings. If you change a filename outside afpd(8) (shell, samba), the CNID database will not reflect that change. Netatalk tries to recover from such inconsistencies as gracefully as possible.

See Also

cnid_metad(8), cnid_dbd(8)

Referenced By

ad(1), afpd(8), cnid_dbd(8), cnid_metad(8).

12 Nov 2015 3.1.12