db_tuner - Man Page

analyze and tune btree database


db_tuner [-c cachesize] -d file [-h home] [-s database] [-v]


The db_tuner utility analyzes the data in a btree database, and suggests a page size that is likely to deliver optimal operation.


-c cachesize

Specify a value of the cachesize, otherwise, the default value will be set.

-d file

Display database statistics for the specified file. If the database contains multiple databases and the -s flag is not specified, the statistics are for the internal database that describes the other databases the file contains, and not for the file as a whole.

-h home

Specify a home directory for the database environment.

-s database

Display page size recommendation for the specified database contained in the file specified with the -d flag.


Display verbose information.


The db_tuner utility assumes that databases are compacted when analysing the data. The analysis is based on a static view of the data and the data access and update patterns are not take into account.

See Also

db_archive(1) db_checkpoint(1) db_deadlock(1) db_dump(1) db_hotbackup(1) db_log_verify(1) db_load(1) db_printlog(1) db_recover(1) db_replicate(1) db_stat(1) db_upgrade(1) db_verify(1)

Referenced By

db_archive(1), db_checkpoint(1), db_deadlock(1), db_dump(1), db_hotbackup(1), db_load(1), db_log_verify(1), db_printlog(1), db_recover(1), db_replicate(1), db_stat(1), db_upgrade(1), db_verify(1).

06 December 2016 BerkeleyDB 5.3.28 BerkeleyDB Utilities