dayplanner-daemon - Man Page

reminding daemon for Day Planner.


dayplanner-daemon [Options]


This is the Day Planner daemon. It is started by the main Day Planner program and it is almost never neccesary to call it manually.

It calls dayplanner-notifier(1) to display the notifications to the user.


-h,  --help

Display the help screen.

-v,  --version

Display version information.

-t,  --test N

Start in test mode. See the --test documentation in dayplanner(1).

--dayplannerdir DIR

Use the directory DIR instead of the default Day Planner configuration directory. See also --test and --confdir in dayplanner(1).

-k,  --kill

Shut down the currently running daemon.

-n,  --nofork

Don't fork. Stay in the foreground.

-f,  --force-fork

Force forking. Overrides --nofork.

-v,  --verbose

Be verbose. Supply multiple times to increase verbosity. This goes to the daemon log if --nofork was not supplied.


See <>


Eskild Hustvedt <eskild at zerodogg dot org>


See the FILES section in dayplanner(1)

See Also

dayplanner(1) dayplanner-notifier(1)

Referenced By

dayplanner(1), dayplanner-notifier(1).

2012-03-28 Day Planner 0.11