daxctl-online-memory - Man Page

Online the memory for a device that is in system-ram mode


daxctl online-memory <dax0.0> [<dax1.0>...<daxY.Z>] [<options>]


# daxctl reconfigure-device --mode=system-ram --no-online --human dax0.0
  "size":"7.87 GiB (8.45 GB)",
# daxctl online-memory dax0.0
dax0.0: 62 new sections onlined
onlined memory for 1 device
# daxctl online-memory dax0.0
dax0.0: 1 section already online
dax0.0: 61 new sections onlined
onlined memory for 1 device


Online the memory sections associated with a device that has been converted to the system-ram mode. If one or more blocks are already online, print a message about them, and attempt to online the remaining blocks.

This is complementary to the daxctl-reconfigure-device command, when used with the --no-online option to skip onlining memory sections immediately after the reconfigure. In these scenarios, the memory can be onlined at a later time using daxctl-online-memory.


-r,  --region=

Restrict the operation to devices belonging to the specified region(s). A device-dax region is a contiguous range of memory that hosts one or more /dev/daxX.Y devices, where X is the region id and Y is the device instance id.


--movable is the default. This can be overridden to online new memory such that it is not movable. This allows any allocation to potentially be served from this memory. This may preclude subsequent removal. With the --movable behavior (which is default), kernel allocations will not consider this memory, and it will be reserved for application use.

-u,  --human

By default the command will output machine-friendly raw-integer data. Instead, with this flag, numbers representing storage size will be formatted as human readable strings with units, other fields are converted to hexadecimal strings.

-v,  --verbose

Emit more debug messages

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