datalad-uninstall - Man Page

dEPRECATED: use the DROP command


datalad uninstall [-h] [-d DATASET] [-r] [--nocheck] [--if-dirty {fail,save-before,ignore}] [--version] [PATH ...]



path/name of the component to be uninstalled. Constraints: value must be a string or value must be NONE

-h,  --help,  --help-np

show this help message. --help-np forcefully disables the use of a pager for displaying the help message

-d DATASET, --dataset DATASET

specify the dataset to perform the operation on. If no dataset is given, an attempt is made to identify a dataset based on the PATH given. Constraints: Value must be a Dataset or a valid identifier of a Dataset (e.g. a path) or value must be NONE

-r,  --recursive

if set, recurse into potential subdatasets.


whether to perform checks to assure the configured minimum number (remote) source for data. Give this option to skip checks.

--if-dirty {fail, save-before, ignore}

desired behavior if a dataset with unsaved changes is discovered: 'fail' will trigger an error and further processing is aborted; 'save-before' will save all changes prior any further action; 'ignore' let's datalad proceed as if the dataset would not have unsaved changes. [Default: 'save-before']


show the module and its version which provides the command


datalad is developed by The DataLad Team and Contributors <>.


2023-05-16 datalad uninstall 0.18.4