darktable-cmstest man page

darktable-cmstest — test if the color management subsystem of your computer is correctly configured


darktable is a digital photography workflow application for Linux, Mac OS X and several other Unices. It's described further in darktable(1).

darktable-cmstest investigates if the color management subsystem of your computer is correctly configured and it displays some useful information about the installed monitor profile(s).

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The principal developer of darktable is Johannes Hanika. The (hopefully) complete list of contributors to the project is:

* developers: Roman Lebedev, Ulrich Pegelow, Tobias Ellinghaus, Pedro Côrte-Real, Pascal Obry, johannes hanika, Aldric Renaudin, Jérémy Rosen, parafin, Pascal de Bruijn, Edouard Gomez, Alexandre Prokoudine, Christian Tellefsen.

* translators: Pascal Obry, Ger Siemerink, shlomi braitbart, Tobias Ellinghaus, tatica, Thomas Pryds, Richard Levitte, Josep V. Moragues, Báthory Péter, Matjaž Jeran, Novy Sawai, Pascal de Bruijn, Alberto Caso, Alexandre Prokoudine, Dušan Kazik, Milan Knížek, Tomasz Golinski, johannes hanika.

* contributors (at least 4 commits): Stefan Schöfegger, Dan Torop, Ger Siemerink, Matthieu Volat, Michel Leblond, shlomi braitbart, Asma, Bernd Steinhauser, tatica, Richard Levitte, Chris Hodapp, Matthieu Moy, Maurizio Paglia, Thomas Pryds, Alexander V. Smal, Josep V. Moragues.

And all those of you that made previous releases possible

This man page was written by Ulrich Pegelow <ulrich.pegelow@tongareva.de> as part of the usermanual. It was turned into a man page by Tobias Ellinghaus <me@houz.org>.


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