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check if there is a usable OpenCL environment for darktable to use




darktable is a digital photography workflow application for Linux, Mac OS X and several other Unices. It's described further in darktable(1).

darktable-cltest checks if there is a usable OpenCL environment on your system that darktable can use. It emits some debug output that is equivalent to calling darktable -d opencl and then terminates.

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The principal developer of darktable is Johannes Hanika. The (hopefully) complete list of contributors to the project is:

* developers: Pascal Obry Aldric Renaudin Aurélien PIERRE parafin Roman Lebedev

* translators: Pascal Obry Jeronimo Pellegrini Victor Forsiuk Martin Straeten Ryo Shinozaki EdgarLux Serkan ÖNDER Stephan Hoek Petr Stasiak Matt Maguire Matjaž Jeran Nicolas Auffray Яна Тунгушпаева cotacot mmardegan Báthory Péter Hui Xie Jan Friedrich Marko Vertainen Matteo Mardegan MatteoVita shlomi braitbart 篠崎亮 Ryo Shinozaki

* contributors (at least 4 commits): Hanno Schwalm Philippe Weyland Victor Forsiuk Nicolas Auffray Diederik ter Rahe Jeronimo Pellegrini Miloš Komarčević Chris Elston Martin Straeten Ryo Shinozaki Dan Torop EdgarLux Sakari Kapanen HansBull Serkan ÖNDER Ralf Brown Stephan Hoek Petr Stasiak rawfiner solarer Philipp Lutz luz paz Apfelkraut Matt Maguire quovadit

* Sub-module rawspeed contributors (at least 1 commit): Roman Lebedev

* Sub-module integration contributors (at least 1 commit): Pascal Obry

And all those of you that made previous releases possible

This man page was written by Ulrich Pegelow <ulrich.pegelow@tongareva.de> as part of the usermanual. It was turned into a man page by Tobias Ellinghaus <me@houz.org>.


2017-01-20 darktable 2.3