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Dancer2 command line interface


version 0.301001


dancer2 <command> [options...]


Dancer2 is the new generation lightweight web-framework for Perl. This tool provides nice, easily-extendable CLI interface for it.

Documentation Index

Documentation on Dancer2 is split into several manpages. Below is a complete outline on where to go for help.

  • Dancer2 Tutorial

    If you are new to the Dancer approach, you should start by reading our Dancer2::Tutorial.

  • Dancer2 Manual

    Dancer2::Manual is the reference for Dancer2. Here you will find information on the concepts of Dancer2 application development and a comprehensive reference to the Dancer2 domain specific language.

  • Dancer2 Keywords

    The keywords for Dancer2 can be found under DSL Keywords.

  • Dancer2 Deployment

    For configuration examples of different deployment solutions involving Dancer2 and Plack, refer to Dancer2::Manual::Deployment.

  • Dancer2 Cookbook

    Specific examples of code for real-life problems and some 'tricks' for applications in Dancer can be found in Dancer2::Cookbook

  • Dancer2 Config

    For configuration file details refer to Dancer2::Config. It is a complete list of all configuration options.

  • Dancer2 Plugins

    Refer to Dancer2::Plugins for a partial list of available Dancer2 plugins. Note that although we try to keep this list up to date we expect plugin authors to tell us about new modules.

  • Dancer2 Migration guide

    Dancer2::Manual::Migration provides the most up-to-date instruction on how to convert a Dancer (1) based application to Dancer2.


dancer2 - Dancer2 command line interface


gen                   : create new Dancer2 application

commands              : list the application's commands

help                  : display a command's help screen

version               : display version

To get detailed description of each individual command run:
   dancer2 help <command>

The lastest list of available commands can be dispayed by:
   dancer2 commands


Helper script for providing a bootstrapping method to quickly and easily create the framework for a new Dancer2 application.


        -a --application     the name of your application
        -p --path            the path where to create your application
                             (current directory if not specified)
        -o --overwrite       overwrite existing files
        -x --no-check        don't check for the latest version of Dancer2
                             (checking version implies internet connection)
        -s --skel            skeleton directory


Here is an application created with dancer2:

    $ dancer2 gen -a MyWeb::App
    + MyWeb-App
    + MyWeb-App/bin
    + MyWeb-App/bin/app.psgi
    + MyWeb-App/config.yml
    + MyWeb-App/environments
    + MyWeb-App/environments/development.yml
    + MyWeb-App/environments/production.yml
    + MyWeb-App/views
    + MyWeb-App/views/
    + MyWeb-App/views/layouts
    + MyWeb-App/views/layouts/
    + MyWeb-App/lib
    + MyWeb-App/lib/MyWeb
    + MyWeb-App/lib/MyWeb/
    + MyWeb-App/public
    + MyWeb-App/public/css
    + MyWeb-App/public/css/style.css
    + MyWeb-App/public/css/error.css
    + MyWeb-App/public/images
    + MyWeb-App/public/500.html
    + MyWeb-App/public/404.html
    + MyWeb-App/public/dispatch.fcgi
    + MyWeb-App/public/dispatch.cgi
    + MyWeb-App/public/javascripts
    + MyWeb-App/public/javascripts/jquery.js
    + MyWeb-App/t
    + MyWeb-App/t/002_index_route.t
    + MyWeb-App/t/001_base.t
    + MyWeb-App/Makefile.PL

The application is ready to serve:

    $ cd MyWeb-App
    $ plackup bin/app.psgi
    >> Listening on
    == Entering the development dance floor ...


This script has been written by Ivan Kruglov <> base on original dancer2 script which has been written by Sebastien Deseille <> and Alexis Sukrieh <>.

Source Code

See Dancer2 for more information.


This module is free software and is published under the same terms as Perl itself.


Dancer Core Developers


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