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d.histogram — Displays a histogram in the form of a pie or bar chart for a user-specified raster map.


display, histogram, statistics


d.histogram --help
d.histogram [-nc] map=name  [style=string]   [color=name]   [bgcolor=name]   [nsteps=integer]   [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]



Display information for null cells


Report for ranges defined in cats file (fp maps only)


Print usage summary


Verbose module output


Quiet module output


Force launching GUI dialog


map=name [required]

Raster map for which histogram will be displayed


Indicate if a pie or bar chart is desired
Options: pie, bar
Default: bar


Color for text and axes
Either a standard color name or R:G:B triplet
Default: black


Background color
Either a standard color name, R:G:B triplet, or "none"
Default: white


Number of steps to divide the data range into (fp maps only)
Default: 255


d.histogram displays the category-value distribution for a user-specified raster map layer, in the form of a bar chart or a pie chart. The display will be displayed in the active display frame on the graphics monitor, using the colors in the raster map layer’s color table.  The program determines the raster map’s category value distribution by counting cells.


d.histogram respects the current geographic region settings and the current MASK (if one exists).

d.histogram uses the colors in the map’s color look-up table (i.e., the map’s colr or colr2 file).

See Also

d.colortable, d.frame, d.graph, d.linegraph, d.polar, g.region, r.stats


Dave Johnson
DBA Systems, Inc.
10560 Arrowhead Drive
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

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Source Code

Available at: d.histogram source code (history)

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