cxl-write-labels - Man Page

write data to the label area on a memdev


cxl write-labels <mem> [-i <filename>]


The region label area is a small persistent partition of capacity available on some CXL memory devices. The label area is used to and configure or determine the set of memory devices participating in different interleave sets. Read data from the input filename, or stdin, and write it to the given <mem> device. Note that the device must not be active in any region, or actively registered with the nvdimm subsystem. If it is, the kernel will not allow write access to the device’s label data area.


<memory device(s)>

A memX device name, or a memdev id number. Restrict the operation to the specified memdev(s). The keyword all can be specified to indicate the lack of any restriction.

-S, --serial

Rather an a memdev id number, interpret the <memdev> argument(s) as a list of serial numbers.

-s, --size=

Limit the operation to the given number of bytes. A size of 0 indicates to operate over the entire label capacity.

-O, --offset=

Begin the operation at the given offset into the label area.


Turn on verbose debug messages in the library (if libcxl was built with logging and debug enabled).

-b, --bus=

Restrict the operation to the specified bus.

-i, --input

input file

See Also

linkcxl:cxl-read-labels[1], linkcxl:cxl-zero-labels[1], CXL-2.0 9.13.2