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cxl-update-firmware - Man Page

update the firmware on a CXL memdev


cxl update-firmware <mem0> [<mem1>..<memN>] [<options>]


Update the firmware on one or more CXL mem devices. The mem devices must support the set of firmware related mailbox commands.

This command doesn’t directly issue the transfer / activate firmware mailbox commands. Instead, the kernel’s firmware loader facility is used to provide the kernel with the data, and the kernel handles performing the actual update while also managing time slicing the transfer w.r.t. other background commands.


# cxl update-firmware mem0 -F firmware.bin -w
firmware update completed on 1 mem device


-b,  --bus=

Restrict the operation to the specified bus.

-F,  --firmware-file

Firmware image file to use for the update.

-c,  --cancel

Attempt to abort an in-progress firmware update. This may fail depending on what stage the update process is in.

-w,  --wait

By default, the update-firmware command only initiates the firmware update, and returns, while the update operation happens asynchronously in the background. This option makes the firmware update command synchronous by waiting for it to complete before returning.

If --wait is passed in without an accompanying firmware-file,
it will initiate a wait on any current in-progress firmware
updates, and then return.
-v,  --verbose

Emit more debug messages

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