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cxl-set-partition - Man Page

set the partitioning between volatile and persistent capacity on a CXL memdev


cxl set-partition <mem0> [ [<mem1>..<memN>] [<options>]


CXL devices may support both volatile and persistent memory capacity. The amount of device capacity set aside for each type is typically established at the factory, but some devices also allow for dynamic re-partitioning.

Use this command to partition a device into volatile and persistent capacity. The change in partitioning becomes the “next” configuration, to become active on the next device reset.

Use "cxl list -m <memdev> -I" to examine the partitioning capabilities of a device. A partition_alignment_size value of zero means there is no available capacity and therefore the partitions cannot be changed.

Using this command to change the size of the persistent capacity shall result in the loss of data stored.


<memory device(s)>

A memX device name, or a memdev id number. Restrict the operation to the specified memdev(s). The keyword all can be specified to indicate the lack of any restriction.

-S, --serial

Rather an a memdev id number, interpret the <memdev> argument(s) as a list of serial numbers.

-b, --bus=

Restrict the operation to the specified bus.

-t, --type=

Type of partition, pmem or ram (volatile), to modify. Default: pmem

-s, --size=

Size of the <type> partition in bytes. Size must align to the devices alignment requirement. Use cxl list -m <memdev> -I to find partition_alignment_size, or, use the --align option. Default: All available capacity is assigned to <type>.

-a, --align

Select this option to allow the automatic alignment of --size to meet device alignment requirements. When using this option, specify the minimum --size of the --type partition needed. When this option is omitted, the command fails if --size is not properly aligned. Use cxl list -m <memdev> -I to examine the partition_alignment_size.


Turn on verbose debug messages in the library (if libcxl was built with logging and debug enabled).

See Also

linkcxl:cxl-list[1], CXL-2.0