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cxl-monitor - Man Page

Monitor the CXL trace events


cxl monitor [<options>]


cxl-monitor is used for monitoring the CXL trace events emitted by the kernel and convert them to json objects and dumping the json format notifications to standard output or a logfile.


Run a monitor as a daemon to monitor events and output to a log file.

cxl monitor --daemon --log=/var/log/cxl-monitor.log

Run a monitor as a one-shot command and output the notifications to stdio.

cxl monitor

Run a monitor daemon as a system service

systemctl start cxl-monitor.service


-l,  --log=

Send log messages to the specified destination.

  • "<file>": Send log messages to specified <file>.
  • "standard": Send messages to standard output.

The default log destination is /var/log/cxl-monitor.log if "--daemon" is specified, otherwise standard. Note that standard and relative path for <file> will not work if "--daemon" is specified.


Run a monitor as a daemon.

-v,  --verbose

Emit more debug messages

-u,  --human

By default the command will output machine-friendly raw-integer data. Instead, with this flag, numbers representing storage size will be formatted as human readable strings with units, other fields are converted to hexadecimal strings.

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