cxl-enable-port - Man Page

activate / hot-add a given CXL port


cxl enable-port <port0> [<port1>..<portN>] [<options>]

A port typically autoenables at initial device discovery. However, if it was manually disabled this command can trigger the kernel to activate it again. This involves detecting the state of the HDM (Host Managed Device Memory) Decoders and validating that CXL.mem is enabled for each port in the device’s hierarchy.


-e,  --endpoint

Toggle from treating the port arguments as Switch Port identifiers to Endpoint Port identifiers.

-m,  --enable-memdevs

Try to enable descendant memdevs after enabling the port. Recall that a memdev is only enabled after all CXL ports in its device topology ancestry are enabled.


Turn on additional debug messages including library debug.

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