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cxl-disable-region - Man Page

disable specified region(s).


cxl disable-region <region> [<options>]


A CXL region is composed of one or more slices of CXL memdevs, with configurable interleave settings - both the number of interleave ways, and the interleave granularity.

If there are memory blocks that are still online, the operation will attempt to offline the relevant blocks. If the offlining fails, the operation fails when not using the -f (force) parameter.


# cxl disable-region all
disabled 2 regions

Given any enable or disable command, if the operation is a no-op due to the current state of a target (i.e. already enabled or disabled), it is still considered successful when executed even if no actual operation is performed. The target can be a bus, decoder, memdev, or region. The operation will still succeed, and report the number of bus/decoder/memdev/region operated on, even if the operation is a no-op.


-b,  --bus=

Restrict the operation to the specified bus.

-f,  --force

Attempt to disable-region even though memory cannot be offlined successfully. Will emit warning that operation will permanently leak physical address space and cannot be recovered until a reboot.

-d,  --decoder=

The root decoder to limit the operation to. Only regions that are children of the specified decoder will be acted upon.


Turn on additional debug messages including library debug.

See Also

linkcxl:cxl-list[1], linkcxl:cxl-enable-region[1]