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cvegenversdat - Man Page

Generate version matching rules for passed on files


<filelist> | cvegenversdat <packagename> <packageversion> <conffile> [breakon]


The cvegenversdat script is a distribution-agnostic script that attempts to generate version matching rules for the files fed to it through standard input. It is commonly called from a distribution-specific script (like cverules_gentoo).


Command Usage

The command requires the following arguments to be set:

  • packagename is the name of the package (like "gzip")
  • packageversion is the (upstream) version of the tool, not of the distribution (so "1.4" rather than "1.4-r1" or "1.4-yourdistro-1")
  • conffile is the cvechecker configuration file (like "/etc/cvechecker.conf")
  • breakon (literally) tells the script to stop the moment a match is already found within the existing cvechecker database. Without the "breakon" string, the script will scan all passed files, even if a few of them are already known to cvechecker.

The script should not be called by end users but is rather a script to be called by the distribution-specific scripts like cverules_gentoo.


cvegenversdat is part of the cvechecker tool. cvegenversdat was written by Sven Vermeulen <sven.vermeulen@siphos.be>.


27 November 2010 November 25, 2010 cvegenversdat Manual