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cve-reserve - Man Page

Reserve one or more CVE IDs.


cve reserve [Options] [COUNT]


Reserve one or more CVE IDs. COUNT is the number of CVEs to reserve; defaults to 1.

   CVE IDs can be reserved one by one (the lowest IDs are reserved first) or in batches of
   multiple IDs per single request. When reserving multiple IDs, you can request those IDs to be
   generated sequentially (default) or non-sequentially (random IDs are selected from your CVE ID

   For more information, see the "Developer Guide to CVE Services API":


-r, --random

Reserve multiple CVE IDs non-sequentially.

-y, --year TEXT

Reserve CVE ID(s) for a given year.  [default: (current year)]


Print response JSON.

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2024-05-15 1.4.0 cve reserve Manual