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cve-publish-adp - Man Page

Add or update an ADP container in a CVE...


cve publish-adp [Options] CVE_ID


Add or update an ADP container in a CVE record for a published CVE ID.

   NOTE: a published ADP container cannot be removed, only updated with new data.

   The ADP container can be specified as a string:

     cve publish-adp CVE-2022-1234 -j '{"affected": [], "descriptions": [], "references": {}, ...}'

   Or passed in a file:

     cve publish-adp CVE-2022-1234 -f adp.json

   For information on the required properties in a given ADP container of a CVE record,
   see the schema in:


   Because the CVE Services API only expects the ADP container contents of the full CVE v5 record,
   the data you pass to this command can specify just the attributes defined by the adpContainer


-j, --adp-json TEXT

JSON body of the ADP container to publish.

-f, --adp-json-file FILENAME

File containing JSON body of ADP container to publish.


Print response JSON.

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2024-05-15 1.4.0 cve publish-adp Manual