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ctmconv - Man Page

file format converter for 3D models


ctmconv infile outfile [options]


ctmconv is a 3D file converter that can convert 3D model files to and from several different formats.

The file infile is loaded, and then saved as outfile in the target file format.

The input and output file formats are determined from the file endings.


The following options are available:

--scale arg

Scale the mesh by a scalar factor.

--upaxis arg

Set up axis (X, Y, Z, -X, -Y, -Z). If != Z, the mesh will be flipped.


Flip triangle orientation.


If the source file does not contain any normals, calculate them.


Do not export normals.


Do not export texture coordinates.


Do not export vertex colors.

--comment arg

Set the file comment (default is to use the comment from the input file, if any).

--texfile arg

Set the texture file name reference for the texture (default is to use the texture file name reference from the input file, if any).

When exporting an OpenCTM file, the following options are also available:

--method arg

Select compression method (RAW, MG1, MG2).

--level arg

Set the compression level (0 - 9).

--vprec arg

Set vertex precision (only for MG2).

--vprecrel arg

Set vertex precision, relative method (only for MG2).

--nprec arg

Set normal precision (only for MG2).

--tprec arg

Set texture map precision (only for MG2).

--cprec arg

Set color precision (only for MG2).

File Formats

The following 3D model file formats are supported: OpenCTM (.ctm), Stanford triangle format (.ply), Stereolitography (.stl), 3D Studio (.3ds), COLLADA 1.4/1.5 (.dae), Wavefront geometry file (.obj), LightWave object (.lwo), Geomview object file format (.off), VRML 2.0 - export only (.wrl).


ctmconv is designed to be portable, and is available for several different systems, including (but not limited to): Windows, Mac OS X (10.3+), Linux and OpenSolaris.

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