ctdbd man page

ctdbd — The CTDB cluster daemon


ctdbd [OPTION...]


ctdbd is the main CTDB daemon.

Note that ctdbd is not usually invoked directly. It is invoked via ctdbd_wrapper(1) or via the initscript.

See ctdb(7) for an overview of CTDB.

General Options

-i, --interactive

Enable interactive mode. This will make ctdbd run in the foreground and not detach from the terminal. By default ctdbd will detach itself and run in the background as a daemon.

-?, --help

Display a summary of options.

See Also

ctdb(1), ctdbd_wrapper(1), onnode(1), ctdb.conf(5), ctdb(7), ctdb-tunables(7), http://ctdb.samba.org/


This documentation was written by Ronnie Sahlberg, Amitay Isaacs, Martin Schwenke

Referenced By

ctdb(1), ctdb(7), ctdb.conf(5), ctdbd_wrapper(1), ctdb-script.options(5), ctdb-statistics(7), ctdb.sysconfig(5), ctdb-tunables(7).

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