ctdbd - Man Page

The CTDB cluster daemon


ctdbd [OPTION...]


ctdbd is the main CTDB daemon.

See ctdb(7) for an overview of CTDB.

General Options

-i,  --interactive

Enable interactive mode. This will make ctdbd run in the foreground and not detach from the terminal. In this mode ctdbd will log to stderr.

By default ctdbd will detach itself and run in the background as a daemon, logging to the configured destination.

-?,  --help

Display a summary of options.

See Also

ctdb(1), onnode(1), ctdb.conf(5), ctdb(7), ctdb-tunables(7), http://ctdb.samba.org/


This documentation was written by Ronnie Sahlberg, Amitay Isaacs, Martin Schwenke

Referenced By

ctdb(1), ctdb(7), ctdb.conf(5), ctdb-etcd(7), ctdb_mutex_ceph_rados_helper(7), ctdb-script.options(5), ctdb-statistics(7), ctdb.sysconfig(5), ctdb-tunables(7).

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