csvjoin-3.8 man page

csvjoin-3.8 ā€” manual page for csvjoin-3.8 3.3.2


usage: csvjoin-3.8 [-h] [-t] [-j {inner,outer}] [-m MINSCORE] [-c COUNT]

[-w WARP] left leftcolumn right rightcolumn outfile

Left similarity join between two CSV files. For each row in the first file, take the specified join column and find similar rows in the second file based on ngram similarity to a specified column in the second file. For each resulting pair of rows, output a row consisting of the fields from the first file, a column with the similarity value, and then the fields from the second file.

positional arguments


First CSV file


Column in first CSV file


Second CSV file


Column in second CSV file


Output CSV file

optional arguments

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-t, --titles

input files have column titles

-j {inner,outer}, --join {inner,outer}

The kind of left join to perform. Outer join outputs left-hand rows which have no right hand match, while inner join discards such rows. Default: outer

-m MINSCORE, --minscore MINSCORE

Minimum match score: 0.24

-c COUNT, --count COUNT

Max number of rows to match (0 for all): 0

-w WARP, --warp WARP

N-gram warp, higher helps short strings: 1.0


October 2019 csvjoin-3.8 3.3.2