cssed man page

cssed — A tiny GTK2 CSS editor and validator.


cssed [file] | [file] ...


cssed is a small but powerful CSS editor for web developing.

It features auto completion, CSS syntax validation, and other utilities to help web developer to create and maintain CSS style sheets.


[file] ....
Anything passed to the command line will be taken as a regular text file and opened in cssed's editor window.


It's the CSS definition file that stores the CSS valid values or properties. cssed can use the system file installed by default or any file named cssed-def.xml in the .cssed folder on the user´s HOME directory.
It's the user´s configuration file. It stores the default document settings and the highlighting color scheme. The file is stored always on close on the .cssed folder on the user's HOME directory.

Using Cssed

cssed is a X graphical application so it´s used with it´s menus and toolbar entries. To know more about how to use cssed visit http://cssed.sourceforge.net.

Localized Interface

To run cssed with a Spanish interface on a non Spanish Mac system, just issue the following command in an xterm or equivalent:

Bash and zsh users
export LANGUAGE=es_ES; cssed
tcsh users
set LANGUAGE es_ES; cssed

Same applies for other languages available in cssed, i.e. English (en_US) and French (fr_FR) at the time being.


Iago Rubio <iago.rubio@hispalinux.es>


13 April 2004 Iago Rubio Sanfiz css editor