csg_radii - Man Page

Part of the VOTCA package


csg_radii [Options]

csg_radii [--help]


calculate gyration- and hydrodynamic radius for a specific molecule or molecule type


Allowed options:

 -h [ --help ]             display this help and exit
 --verbose                 be loud and noisy
 --verbose1                be very loud and noisy
 -v [ --verbose2 ]         be extremly loud and noisy
 --top arg                 atomistic topology file
Molecule filter options:
 --mol arg               molecule number

--molname arg (=*)      pattern for molecule name

Trajectory options:

 --trj arg                 atomistic trajectory file

--begin arg (=0)          skip frames before this time (only works for
                         Gromacs files)
 --first-frame arg (=0)    start with this frame
 --nframes arg             process the given number of frames


Written and maintained by the VOTCA Development Team <devs@votca.org>


csg_radii User Manual VOTCA Development Team