csg_dump - Man Page

Part of the VOTCA package




Print atoms that are read from topology file to help debugging atom naming.

Please visit the program site at __http://www.votca.org__.


Allowed options:

-h [ --help ]

display this help and exit


be loud and noisy


be very loud and noisy

-v [ --verbose2 ]

be extremly loud and noisy

--top arg

atomistic topology file

Mapping options:

--cg arg

[OPTIONAL] coarse graining mapping and bond definitions (xml-file). If no file is given, program acts on original trajectory

--map-ignore arg

list of molecules to ignore if mapping is done separated by ;

Specific options:


display exclusion list instead of molecule list


Written and maintained by the VOTCA Development Team <devs@votca.org>

This Manual Page was converted from t2t format to the this format by txt2tags (http://txt2tags.org) ! The t2t file was extracted from 'csg_dump --help' by help2t2t (version 2021.2 )


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