csg_call - Man Page

Part of the VOTCA package


csg_call [Options]

csg_call [--help]


This script calls scripts and functions for the iterative framework. Function can be executed or shows if key1='function'.

 * csg_call table smooth [ARGUMENTS]
 * csg_call --show run gromacs


Allowed options:

-l, --list           Show list of all script
   --cat            Show the content of the script
   --show           Show the path to the script
   --show-share     Shows the used VOTCASHARE dir and exits
   --scriptdir DIR  Set the user script dir
                    (Used if no options xml file is given)
                    Default: empty
   --options FILE   Specify the options xml file to use
   --log FILE       Specify the log file to use
                    Default: stdout
   --ia-type type   Specify the interaction type to use
   --ia-name name   Specify the interaction name to use
   --nocolor        Disable colors
   --sloppy-tables  Allow tables without flags
   --debug          Enable debug mode with a lot of information -h, --help           Show this help


Written and maintained by the VOTCA Development Team <devs@votca.org>


csg_call User Manual VOTCA Development Team