csdp-rand_graph - Man Page

Generate a random graph


csdp-rand_graph OUTPUT_FILE N P [SEED]


The csdp-rand_graph program generates a random graph, which is written to the indicated output file.  The parameter N is the desired number of vertices. P is the probability of an edge between any given pair of vertices.  SEED is used to seed the random number generator; if not provided, the value 1 is used as the seed.

File Format

The generated graph is written to the output file in the following format:

i1 j1

im jm

where n is the number of nodes, m is the number of edges, and each i/j pair describes one edge.

Exit Status

The exit status is zero if the graph is generated successfully.  Otherwise, the exit status is one, and an error message indicating the problem is produced on standard out.


Csdp was written by Dr. Brian Borchers <borchers@nmt.edu>, with contributions by Joseph Young <josyoun@nmt.edu> and Aaron Wilson <wilson@nmt.edu>.

This man page was written by Jerry James <loganjerry@gmail.com>. It is distributed under the same terms as Csdp.

See Also

csdp-theta(1), csdp-graphtoprob(1), csdp-complement(1)

Referenced By

csdp-complement(1), csdp-graphtoprob(1), csdp-theta(1).

6.1.1 Brian Borchers