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create-fake-rpm - Man Page

generate fake (S)RPM.


create-fake-rpm [--help] [--print-result] [--version=VERSION] [--requires=PACKAGE] [--release=RELEASE] [--build] PACKAGE_NAME PROVIDES


This script creates empty RPM package to satisfy the dependencies.

It may be useful when you install some library/module/application manually - without having an RPM package. E.g., when you

pip install somepackage

And when some RPM package Requires: python-somepackage then /usr/bin/rpm refuses to install such package, because python-somepackage is not present on your system. RPMDB does not know what you know. So you can run:

create-fake-rpm --build python-somepackage python3dist(somepackage)

This create package fake-python-somepackage-0-0.noarch.rpm which provides: "python-somepackage" and "python3dist(somepackage)". You can install it using:

dnf install fake-python-somepackage-0-0.noarch.rpm

!!!! WARNING !!!!

This is a big gun. You can easily shot yourself in a leg. Do not use this tool unless you know what you are doing. And if you know what you are doing - then think twice before you use it. You can easily destroy your machine with this tool.


--version=VERSION - you can specify version of your package. Default is 0.

--release=RELEASE - you can specify RELEASE of your package. Default is 0.

--requires=PACKAGE - make the resulting rpm require another one, useful for compatibility cases where packages have different names. Can be used multiple times.

--build - create an RPM package. Without this option, only SRC.RPM package will be created.

--print-result - just print resulting binary package. Without this option, full rpmbuild output is print.

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If you experience some problem, please report it at: https://github.com/xsuchy/create-fake-rpm/issues


Miroslav Suchý <msuchy@redhat.com>


01/24/2024 Create Fake RPM