cpm man page

cpm — a fast CPAN module installer


# install modules
> cpm install Module1 Module2 ...
# install modules with verbose messages
> cpm install -v Module
# from cpanfile (with cpanfile.snapshot if any)
> cpm install
# install module to global @INC istead of local/lib/perl5
> cpm install -g Module
# install modules as if version of your perl is 5.8.5
# so that modules which are not core in 5.8.5 will be installed
> cpm install --target-perl 5.8.5


-w, --workers=N
      number of workers, default: 5
-L, --local-lib-contained=DIR
      install base, default: local/
-g, --global
      install modules to global @INC instead of local-lib
-v, --verbose
      verbose mode; you can see what is going on
    --target-perl=VERSION  (EXPERIMENTAL)
      install modules as if verison is your perl is VERSION
      base url for the CPAN mirror to use, default: http://www.cpan.org
    --color, --no-color
      turn on/off color output, default: on
    --test, --no-test
      run test cases, default: no
      specify "cpanfile" filename, default: cpanfile
      specify "cpanfile.snapshot" filename, defualt: cpanfile.snapshot
-V, --version
      show version
-h, --help
      show this help