cpclean - Man Page

Remove wrong control points by statistical methods


cpclean [options] input.pto


cpclean uses statistical methods to remove wrong control points.

Step 1 optimises all images pairs, calculates for each pair mean  and standard deviation and removes all control points  with error bigger than mean+n*sigma.

Step 2 optimises the whole panorama, calculates mean and standard deviation for all control points and removes all control points with error bigger than mean+n*sigma.


--output|-o output.pto

Output Hugin PTO file. Default: '<filename>_clean.pto'.

--max-distance|-n num

distance factor for checking (default: 2) (cps with an error > mean + this factor*sigma will be removed)


do only image pair cp checking (skip step 2)


do only whole panorama checking (skip step 1)


skip optimisation step when checking the whole panorama


also include line control points for calculation and filtering in step 2


verbose output during optimisation


shows help


Thomas Modes

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