cpan-upload - Man Page

upload a distribution to the CPAN


version 0.103015


  usage: cpan-upload [options] file-to-upload-1 [ file-to-upload-2 ... ]
    -v --verbose       enable verbose logging
    -h --help          display this help message
    --dry-run          do not actually upload anything

    -u --user          your PAUSE username
    -p --password      the password to your PAUSE account
    -d --directory     a dir in your CPAN space in which to put the file
    --http-proxy       URL of the http proxy to use in uploading
    --ignore-errors    instead of aborting, continue to next file on error
    -c --config        config file to use; defaults to ~/.pause
    --md5              compute MD5 checksums of the files
    --retries          number of retries to perform on upload failure
    --retry-delay      number of seconds to wait between retries


If you have a .pause file in your home directory, it will be checked for a username and password.  It should look like this:

  user EXAMPLE
  password your-secret-password

You can GnuPG-encrypt this file if you wish, but you must install Config::Identity and configure your gpg-agent as Config::Identity currently doesn't prompt for a password at decryption time:

    # Follow the prompts, setting your key as the "recipient"
    # Use ^D once you've finished typing out your authentication information
    gpg -ea > $HOME/.pause
    # OR, encrypt a file you already created:
    gpg -ea $HOME/.pause && mv $HOME/.pause{.asc,}

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