coqdep - Man Page

Compute inter-module dependencies for Coq and Caml programs


coqdep [ -I directory ] [ -coqlib directory ] [ -i ] [ -slash ] filename ... directory ...


coqdep compute inter-module dependencies for Coq and Caml programs, and prints the dependencies on the standard output in a format readable by make. When a directory is given as argument, it is recursively looked at.

Dependencies of Coq modules are computed by looking at Require commands (Require, Require Export, Require Import), Declare ML Module commands and Load commands. Dependencies relative to modules from the Coq library are not printed except if -boot is given.

Dependencies of Caml modules are computed by looking at open directives and the dot notation module.value.


-f file

Read filenames and options -I, -R and -Q from a _CoqProject FILE.

-I/-Q/-R options

Have the same effects on load path and modules names as for other coq commands (coqtop, coqc).

-coqlib directory

Indicates where is the Coq library. The default value has been determined at installation time, and therefore this option should not be used under normal circumstances.

-exclude-dir dir

Skips subdirectory dir during -R/-Q search.


Output the given file name ordered by dependencies.


Output dependencies for .vos files (this is not the default as it breaks dune's Coq mode)


For coq developers, prints dependencies over coq library files (omitted by default).

See Also

ocamlc(1), coqc(1), make(1).


Lexers (for Coq and Caml) correctly handle nested comments and strings.

The treatment of symbolic links is primitive.

If two files have the same name, in two different directories, a warning is printed on standard error.

There is no way to limit the scope of the recursive search for directories.


Consider the files (in the same directory): X.v Y.v and Z.v


To get the dependencies of the Coq files:

example% coqdep -I . *.v

Z.vo: Z.v ./X.vo ./D.cmo
Y.vo: Y.v ./X.vo
X.vo: X.v

With a warning:

example% coqdep -I . *.v

Z.vo: Z.v ./X.vo ./D.cmo
Y.vo: Y.v ./X.vo
X.vo: X.v
### Warning : In file Z.v, the ML modules declaration should be
### Declare ML Module "A" "B" "C" "D".


Please report any bug to

Referenced By

coqc(1), coqchk(1), coqide(1), coq_makefile(1), coqtop(1).