copydeps - Man Page

copy a program's dependencies (.so / .dll files)


copydeps[Options] EXECUTABLE [TARGET-DIR]


copydeps is a small program that can be used to find and copy all .so / .dll files needed by a program to run. This can be useful when you want to bundle an application together will all its dependencies.

EXECUTABLE can be one of the following supported formats:
· 32-bit ELF
· 64-bit ELF
· i386 Microsoft Windows executable
· x86_64 Microsoft Windows executable

TARGET-DIR specifies the directory to copy the .so / .dll files to. When omitted, defaults to the directory of the target executable.



Print the list of dependencies without actually copying the .so / .dll files.


Include the directory of the executable in the .so / .dll resolve paths. Files found in the exedir are preferred over those found anywhere else.


Print a short help message and exit.

--ignore PATTERN

Add the regular expression PATTERN to the ignore-list (.so / .dll names that should not be resolved nor copied over).


Do not overwrite .so / .dll files already existing in the target directory.

--override PATTERN

Add the regular expression PATTERN to the override-list (.so / .dll names that should always be resolved and copied over). Overrides take precedence over ignores.

--search-dir DIRECTORY

Add DIRECTORY to the list of paths to search when resolving .so / .dll names. User-specified directories take precedence over system paths.


Print the names of the dependencies as they're being copied over.


Print version information and exit.

Exit Status




An error in program arguments.


Failed to parse EXECUTABLE, or it's an unsupported format.


Failed to parse one of the .so / .dll files, be it a direct dependency of EXECUTABLE, or a dependency of another library.


Failed to resolve one or more of the dependency names.


An error occurred when copying one or more of the files.

See Also

ldd(1), objdump(1)


2020-06-28 User Commands Manual