copr-rpmbuild - Man Page

run COPR builds.


copr-rpmbuild [-c|--config CONFIG_PATH] [-d|--detached] [--drop-resultdir] [--rpm|--srpm] [-r|--chroot CHROOT_NAME] [-v|--verbose] [-h|--help] [--build-id COPR_BUILD_ID]


Runs COPR build of the specified build ID and puts results into /var/lib/copr-rpmbuild/results/. The script generates target RPMs by default but it can also generate just an SRPM by using --srpm switch.


--build-id COPR_BUILD_ID

Run build of the specified ID.


Drops resultdir and its content at the beginning before continuing.

--config CONFIG_PATH

Path to an alternative config file. By default /etc/copr-rpmbuild/main.ini is used.


Run build in background and output the process PID. Log into /var/lib/copr-rpmbuild/main.log.

--chroot CHROOT_NAME

Name of the chroot to build for. This follows mock’s convention for naming chroots (e.g. fedora-27-x86_64). See /etc/mock for the full list.


Build SRPM instead of building RPM.


Build RPM. This is the default action. Requires --chroot to be specified.


Print debugging information.


Display help.


copr-rpmbuild -v --build-id 551347 --chroot epel-7-x86_64

Runs COPR build of ID 551347 in epel-7-x86_64 mock chroot and print verbose information. RPM will be the result.

copr-rpmbuild -v --build-id 551347 --srpm

Runs the same COPR build as in the previous example and again with verbose information but this time, SRPM will be built.


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Jakub Kadlcik <>