convertSessions.1p - Man Page

A tool to convert Lemonldap::NG sessions between storage backends.


  convertSession [-di] [-r oldkey=newkey ] -c parameters.ini


convertConfig is a command line tool to migrate all sessions stored in a source backend (sessions_from), into a new backend (sessions_to).

It requires a special configuration file in which you must list the source and destination backend modules and parameters.

Sessions will not be deleted from the source backend. Existing sessions in the destination backend will be kept, unless they have the same session ID as a session in the source backend. In that case, the source will overwrite the destination.



Specify configuration file


Turns on debugging information


Skip to the next session if converting a session fails

--rename oldkey=newkey,-r oldkey=newkey

Rename key names when migrating from one backend to the next.

This option can be specified multiple times

Configuration File Format

The configuration file needs two sections to describe the source and destination backends

Here is an example

    storageModule = Apache::Session::File
    storageModuleOptions = {    \
          'Directory' => '/var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions',      \
          'LockDirectory' => '/var/lib/lemonldap-ng/sessions/lock', \
    # Only migrate some session types
    # sessionKind = Persistent, SSO
    storageModule = Apache::Session::Browseable::Postgres
    storageModuleOptions = {    \
        'DataSource' => 'DBI:Pg:database=lemonldapdb;', \
        'UserName' => 'lemonldaplogin', \
        'Password' => 'lemonldappw', \
        'Commit' => 1, \
        'Index' => 'ipAddr _whatToTrace user', \
        'TableName' => 'sessions', \

The sessionKind parameter may be used to filter only some session types.

Thanks to this, you can use this script to migrate from one database holding  all your sessions to separate tables from each session type.

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