context-ls man page

context-ls — inspects the context property registry.


context-ls [Options] [filter]


context-ls is a simple tool to introspect (inspect) the current context properties registry. It will list all the properties defined in the registry and optionally filter them through a regular expression. Additional parameters can be specified to tweak the output.


--xml, -x
force the usage of the xml registry.
--cdb, -c
force the usage of the cdb (cached database) registry.
--provided, -p
show only the properties which are provided (have a defined provider).
--long, -l
long(detailed) listing format. If there are several providers for property, one line is printed per provider.
--doc, -d
print documentation of the property after the property.
limit the output to the entries matching the specified wildcard expression.


context-ls -l
Creates long listing of all properties
context-ls -p 'Bl*'
Creates short listing of all provided properties which name start with string 'Bl'.

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