consoleImageViewer - Man Page

highly scale-able, high quality, image viewer for ANSI terminals


consoleImageViewer [-h][--help][-best][-fg][-bg][-nochar][-names][-ratio][-rect][-negChar][-negColor][-wX][-hX]  image-name(s)

Number of hyphens nor case meter for switches.


Not exactly photo-viewer, but when in terminal, and need quick preview of (small) image(s) then it is best of its kind

It is strongly recommended to 'export COLUMNS LINES' to adapt correctly to your terminal



print help and exits


overwrite everything and set best settngs


same but sets nochar to true


use linux ansi escape color for character


use linux ansi escape color for background


disable shadowing by characters


prints out image name before drawing it


forece to keep image ratio


will force rendering assuming that console char is not square, but rectangle of 2w~=h


invert chars


invert colors


force width to width X ignoring exported COLUMNS


force height to height X ignoring exported LINES


No switch is considered as -best

consoleImageViewer <image_name(s)>

same as

consoleImageViewer -best <image_name(s)>

Pretty good black and white (or any terminal default view)

consoleImageViewer -ratio -rect  -negChar  <image_name(s)>

Overriding default or COLUMNS/ROWS by seize of 128 (-noChar is ignored because -best is used)

consoleImageViewer -best -noChar  -w128 -h128 <image_name(s)>

Exit Status

consoleImageViewer returns zero unless itcrashes


Jiri Vanek (judovana (at)

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December 04, 2015 version 1.2 USER COMMANDS