configk - Man Page

an easy way to edit kernel configuration files and templates


configk [Options] <source-directory>


config-kernel program helps to edit kernel configuration (.config) and template files. It recursively reads the Kconfig files from a given source directory and builds a tree structure of CONFIG options. This tree can be traversed to query option's attributes or set/reset them. It can also be used to validate kernel's '.config' file by checking option's value and dependencies.

A typical CONFIG entry in a Kconfig file begins with a 'config' keyword on a new line and its attributes on the following lines indented by the tab (\t) character:

       config <OPTION_NAME>

User can query, enable, disable or toggle CONFIG options via command line switch or an $EDITOR program.


configk program supports following options

-a --srcarch <arch>

source architecture tree to read/follow, default: x86

-c --check <file>

check configs against the source tree

-C --config

show output as a config file

-d --disable <option>

disable config option

-e --enable <option>[=val]

enable config option with a given value

-E --edit <file>

edit config file with an $EDITOR program, default: vi

-h --help

show help

-s --show <option>

show a config option entry

-t --toggle <option>

toggle an option between y & m

-v --version

show version

-V --verbose

show verbose output


configk reads following environment variables


Editor program to use to open a file, default: vi


Source architecture tree to read/follow, default: x86


Directory where temporary files are created, default: /tmp


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Prasad Pandit <>