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condor_wait - Man Page


condor_wait — HTCondor Manual

Wait for jobs to finish  


condor_wait [-help | -version ]

condor_wait [-debug ] [-status ] [-echo ] [-wait seconds] [-num number-of-jobs] log-file [job ID ]


condor_wait watches a job event log file (created with the log command within a submit description file) and returns when one or more jobs from the log have completed or aborted.

Because condor_wait expects to find at least one job submitted event in the log file, at least one job must have been successfully submitted with condor_submit before condor_wait is executed.

condor_wait will wait forever for jobs to finish, unless a shorter wait time is specified.



Display usage information


Display version information


Show extra debugging information.


Show job start and terminate information.


Print the events out to stdout.

-wait seconds

Wait no more than the integer number of seconds. The default is unlimited time.

-num number-of-jobs

Wait for the integer number-of-jobs jobs to end. The default is all jobs in the log file.

log file

The name of the log file to watch for information about the job.

job ID

A specific job or set of jobs to watch.
If the job ID is only the job ClassAd attribute ClusterId, then condor_wait waits for all jobs with the given ClusterId. If the job ID is a pair of the job ClassAd attributes, given by ClusterId.ProcId, then condor_wait waits for the specific job with this job ID. If this option is not specified, all jobs that exist in the log file when condor_wait is invoked will be watched.

General Remarks

condor_wait is an inexpensive way to test or wait for the completion of a job or a whole cluster, if you are trying to get a process outside of HTCondor to synchronize with a job or set of jobs.

It can also be used to wait for the completion of a limited subset of jobs, via the -num option.


$ condor_wait logfile

This command waits for all jobs that exist in logfile to complete.

$ condor_wait logfile 40

This command waits for all jobs that exist in logfile with a job ClassAd attribute ClusterId of 40 to complete.

$ condor_wait -num 2 logfile

This command waits for any two jobs that exist in logfile to complete.

$ condor_wait logfile 40.1

This command waits for job 40.1 that exists in logfile to complete.

$ condor_wait -wait 3600 logfile 40.1

This waits for job 40.1 to complete by watching logfile, but it will not wait more than one hour (3600 seconds).

Exit Status

condor_wait exits with 0 if and only if the specified job or jobs have completed or aborted. condor_wait returns 1 if unrecoverable errors occur, such as a missing log file, if the job does not exist in the log file, or the user-specified waiting time has expired.


HTCondor Team


Jan 24, 2024 HTCondor Manual