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condor_token_request_approve - Man Page


condor_token_request_approve — HTCondor Manual

approve a token request at a remote daemon


condor_token_request_approve [-reqid val] [-pool pool_name] [-name hostname] [-type type] [-debug]

condor_token_request_approve [-help ]


condor_token_request_approve will approve an request for an authentication token queued at a remote daemon.  Once approved, the requester will be able to fetch a fully signed token from the daemon and use it to authenticate with the IDTOKENS method.

NOTE that any user can request a very powerful token, even allowing them to be the HTCondor administrator; such requests can only be approved by an administrator. Review token requests carefully to ensure you understand what identity you are approving.  The only safe way to approve a request is to have the request ID communicated out-of-band and verify it matches the expected, request contents, ensuring the request's authenticity.

By default, users can only approve requests for their own identity (that is, a user authenticating as bucky@cs.wisc.edu can only approve token requests for the identity bucky@cs.wisc.edu).  Users with ADMINISTRATOR authorization can approve any request.

If you want to approve multiple requests at once, do not provide the -reqid flag; in that case, the utility will iterate through all known requests.

By default, condor_token_request_approve will query the local condor_collector; by specifying a combination of -pool, -name, or -type, the tool can request tokens in other pools, on other hosts, or different daemon types.



Causes debugging information to be sent to stderr, based on the value of the configuration variable TOOL_DEBUG.


Display brief usage information and exit.

-name hostname

Request a token from the daemon named hostname in the pool.  If not specified, the locally-running daemons will be used.

-pool pool_name

Request a token from a daemon in a non-default pool pool_name.

-reqid val

Provides the specific request ID to approve.  Request IDs should be communicated out of band to the administrator through a trusted channel.

-type type

Request a token from a specific daemon type type.  If not given, a condor_collector is used.


To approve the tokens at the default condor_collector, one-by-one:

$ condor_token_request_approve
RequestedIdentity = "bucky@cs.wisc.edu"
AuthenticatedIdentity = "anonymous@ssl"
PeerLocation = ""
ClientId = "bird.cs.wisc.edu-516"
RequestId = "8414912"

To approve, please type 'yes'
Request 8414912 approved successfully.

When a token is approved, the corresponding condor_token_request process will complete.  Note the printed request includes both the requested identity (which will be written into the issued token) and the authenticated identity of the token requester.  In this case, anonymous@ssl indicates the connection was established successfully over SSL but the remote side is anonymous (did not contain a client SSL certificate).

Exit Status

condor_token_request_approve will exit with a non-zero status value if it fails to communicate with the remote daemon.  Otherwise, it will exit 0.

See Also

condor_token_request(1), condor_token_fetch(1), condor_token_request_auto_approve(1)


Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


HTCondor Team

Referenced By

condor_token_request(1), condor_token_request_auto_approve(1), condor_token_request_list(1).

Jan 24, 2024 HTCondor Manual