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Create a short-lived SciToken to authenticate with local HTCondor daemons


condor_test_token [--help]

condor_test_token --issuer issuer-url --scope scopes [--subject subject] [--lifetime lifetime] [--audience audience] [--cache cache-location]


condor_test_token generates a temporary signing key, adds it to the local SciTokens cache for the given issuer, and creates a short-lived token signed by the key. Local HTCondor daemons will treat this token like any reguluar token generated by the given issuer.



Display usage information

--issuer issuer-url

Specify the issuer to impersonate

--scope scopes

Specify the scope claim for the token

--subject subject

specify the sub claim for the token

--lifetime lifetime

Specify the lifetime of the token in seconds (default 1 hour)

--audience audience

Specify the aud claim for the token

--cache cache-location

Specify the SciTokens cache location


To create a SciToken with READ-level access that appears to be issued by the SciTokens demo issuer:

$ condor_test_token --issuer \
    --scope condor:/WRITE

Exit Status

condor_test_token will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


HTCondor Team


Jan 24, 2024 HTCondor Manual