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condor_set_shutdown - Man Page


condor_set_shutdown — HTCondor Manual

Set a program to execute upon condor_master shut down


condor_set_shutdown [-help | -version ]

condor_set_shutdown -exec programname [-debug ] [-pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]] [ -name hostname | hostname | -addr "<a.b.c.d:port>" | "<a.b.c.d:port>" | -constraint expression | -all ]


condor_set_shutdown sets a program (typically a script) to execute when the condor_master daemon shuts down. The -exec programname argument is required, and specifies the program to run. The string programname must match the string that defines Name in the configuration variable MASTER_SHUTDOWN_<Name> in the condor_master daemon's configuration. If it does not match, the condor_master will log an error and ignore the request.

For security reasons of authentication and authorization, this command requires ADMINISTRATOR level of access.



Display usage information


Display version information

-exec name

Select the program the master should exec the next time it shuts down. The master will run the program configured as MASTER_SHUTDOWN_<name> from the configuration of the condor_master.


Causes debugging information to be sent to stderr, based on the value of the configuration variable TOOL_DEBUG.

-pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]

Specify a pool by giving the central manager's host name and an optional port number

-name hostname

Send the command to a machine identified by hostname


Send the command to a machine identified by hostname

-addr "<a.b.c.d:port>"

Send the command to a machine's master located at "<a.b.c.d:port>"


Send the command to a machine located at "<a.b.c.d:port>"

-constraint expression

Apply this command only to machines matching the given ClassAd expression


Send the command to all machines in the pool

Exit Status

condor_set_shutdown will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


To have all condor_master daemons run the program /bin/reboot upon shut down, configure the condor_master to contain a definition similar to:


where REBOOT is an invented name for this program that the condor_master will execute. On the command line, run

$ condor_set_shutdown -exec reboot -all
$ condor_off -graceful -all

where the string reboot matches the invented name.


HTCondor Team


Jan 24, 2024 HTCondor Manual