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condor_job_router_info - Man Page


condor_job_router_info — HTCondor Manual

Discover and display information related to job routing


condor_job_router_info [-help | -version ]

condor_job_router_info -config

condor_job_router_info -match-jobs -jobads inputfile [-ignore-prior-routing ]

condor_job_router_info -route-jobs outputfile -jobads inputfile [-ignore-prior-routing] [-log-steps]


condor_job_router_info displays information about job routing. The information will be either the available, configured routes or the routes for specified jobs. condor_job_router_info can also be used to simulate routing by supplying a job classad in a file.  This can be used to test the router configuration offline.



Display usage information and exit.


Display HTCondor version information and exit.


Display configured routes.


For each job listed in the file specified by the -jobads option, display the first route found.

-route-jobs filename

For each job listed in the file specified by the -jobads option, apply the first route found and print the routed jobs to the specified output file. if filename is - the routed jobs are printed to stdout.


When used with the -route-jobs option, print each transform step as the job transforms are applied.


For each job, remove any existing routing ClassAd attributes, and set attribute JobStatus to the Idle state before finding the first route.

-jobads filename

Read job ClassAds from file filename. If filename is -, then read from stdin.

Exit Status

condor_job_router_info will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


HTCondor Team


Jan 24, 2024 HTCondor Manual