composer-cli-status - Man Page

API server status


composer-cli status ... [flags]


API server status


-h, --help[=false] help for status

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

-a, --api=1 Server API Version to use

-j, --json[=false] Output the raw JSON response instead of the normal output

--log="" Path to optional logfile

-s, --socket="/run/weldr/api.socket" Path to the server's socket file

--test=0 Pass test mode to compose. 1=Mock compose with fail. 2=Mock compose with finished.

--timeout=240 Timeout to use for server communication. Set to 0 for no timeout

See Also

composer-cli(1), composer-cli-status-show(1)


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Referenced By

composer-cli(1), composer-cli-status-show(1).

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