composefs-info - Man Page

print information about a composefs image


composefs-info [ls|objects|missing-objects|dump] IMAGE [IMAGE2 IMAGE3 ...]


The composefs-info command lets you inspect a composefs image. It has several sub-commands:


Prints a simple list of the files and directorie in the images as well as their backing file or symlink target.


Prints a list of all the backing files referenced by the images, in sorted order.


Prints a list of all the missing backing files referenced by the images, in sorted order, given a backing file store passed in using the --basedir option.


Prints a full dump of the images in a line based textual format. See composefs-dump(5) for more details. This format is also accepted as input to mkcomposefs if the --from-file option is used.


The provided IMAGE argument must be a composefs file. Multiple images can be specified.

compoosefs-info accepts the following options:


This should point to a directory of backing files, and will be used by the missing-objects command to know what files are available.

See Also

composefs-info(1), composefs-dump(5)

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Referenced By

composefs-dump(5), mkcomposefs(1), mount.composefs(1).

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