compose-write-repo-file - Man Page

write .repo file pointing to a compose


compose-write-repo-file [Options...] COMPOSE_PATH


compose-write-repo-file loads metadata from a compose and creates a YUM/DNF configuration file with entries for repositories in the compose.


-h, ā€‰--help

Print help and exit.


Use URLs with this hardcoded architecture. By default $basearch is used.


Create entries for debuginfo repositories.


Create entries for source repositories.


Create entries only for listed variants. Can be used multiple times. Variants that do not include repositories are skipped automatically.


Make entries for this variant disabled. By default all repositories are created as enabled.


Write output to this file instead of to stdout.


By default local filepaths are created. With this option it is possible to generate URLs. The path prefix will be stripped from path, and replaced with URL prefix.


Customize name for the repositories. These fragments are available:

  • release_id, release_short, release_name, release_version, release_type, release_major_version
  • base_product_short, base_product_name, base_product_version, base_product_type (these are only available for layered product composes)
  • compose_id, compose_type, compose_date, compose_respin, label
  • variant (should always be used unless a single variant is processed)
  • arch (only makes sense if --arch is used)

    The default is {release_short}-{release_version}-{variant}


    Enable gpgcheck = 1. Default is gpgcheck = 0.


    gpgkey value (public key URL). Multiple key URLs should be comma-separated. Use --gpgcheck with this option.

Exit Code

Exit code is always 0 on success and non-zero if there was a problem loading the compose.


Please report bugs at