compose-update-latest-symlinks - Man Page

Create the symbolic links of minor and major version to the given latest compose


compose-update-latest-symlinks [Options...] COMPOSE_PATH


compose-update-latest-symlinks creates and updates symbolic links of minor and major version pointing to the latest generated compose.

The required path should point to a directory where symlinks should be updated.

The tool finds all symlinks of form latest-<NAME>-X.Y.Z with the longest version. It than creates shorter symlinks with fewer version components.

If the directory contains latest-X-1.0.0, latest-X-1.0.1 and latest-X-1.1.0, it will create latest-X-1.0 -> latest-X-1.0.1, latest-X-1.1 -> latest-X-1.1.0 and latest-X-1 -> latest-X-1.1.

The is an expectation that only one product will be present in the directory.


-h, ā€‰--help

Print help and exit.

-n, ā€‰--dry-run

Only print what symlinks would be created, do not actually perform any actions.

Exit Code

This tool exits with status code of 0 on success and non-zero value on failure.


Please report bugs at