compose-partial-copy - Man Page

copy part of compose to another location


compose-partial-copy [Options...] COMPOSE DESTINATION


compose-partial-copy copies parts of compose to another location via rsync. You can specify which variants and/or architectures you want to copy. Multiple invocations of rsync may be used to achieve the desired result.

Unrecognized arguments will be passed directly to rsync.


-h, ā€‰--help

Print help and exit.


Copy only this architecture. Can be used multiple times.

Any binary architecture is allowed. If you want the source data (RPMs, ISOs, repositories etc.) to be copied too, you have to explictly add --arch=src. If no arch filter is specified, the variant as a whole gets copied including all binary and source content.


Copy only this variant. Can be used multiple times.

-n, ā€‰--dry-run

Only print rsync commands, do not copy anything.

You can append -- --dry-run at the end of command line to pass the dry-run option to rsync. In that case it will actually be called, but just print some debugging information.

Exit Code

This tool exits with status code of 0 on success and non-zero value on failure.


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