compose-changelog - Man Page

show changes between two composes


compose-changelog [Options...] OLD_COMPOSE NEW_COMPOSE


compose-changelog shows changes between two composes. It parses the metadata and checks RPMs mentioned there. The results are saved in multiple files in current directory (unless specified otherwise).

The files have a name of changelog-NAME.SUFFIX, where NAME is by default the compose ID of the new compose. The SUFFIX marks what type of file this is. The brief file contains summary of the differences. The verbose file contains all details in human readable form. The json file contains all details in JSON format.


-h,  --help

Print help and exit.

-p,  --path=DIR

Set directory in which to create the files.

-n,  --name=NAME

Set custom identifier for the generated files. --full Print all information about packages including names of all RPMs and their sizes. Without this option the output is shortened to only included information about actual changes.


Use this argument for modular composes. The suffix followed by hex hash will be stripped from package release values, to avoid having rebuilds with no change reported as upgrade or downgrade just because of different module hash.

The default value used in MBS is module_. Unless configured otherwise, that is the one you want.

Exit Code

This tool always exits with status code of 0.


Please report bugs at