comedi_board_info man page

comedi_board_info — reports useful information about COMEDI devices


comedi_board_info [OPTIONS] COMEDI_DEVICE


This program reads information about a comedi device and displays it in a human-readable form. It also probes the asynchronous acquisition by calling the function probe_cmd_generic_timed which provides information about the maximum sampling rate of the board and how the card acquires multiple channels (e.g. at once or one by one).


Requests the number of channels for the asynchronous acquisition. This might influence the maximum sampling rate and the mode how the comedi device samples the channels. If the number is higher than the available channels this will be corrected downwards to the number of available channels.


Requests a sampling rate for the asynchronous acquisition. By default this is set to comedi's highest sampling rate (1GHz) so that the driver is forced to reduce it and will  return the maximum possible sampling rate. This option is only provided for driver testing and for drivers which do not return the highest sampling rate.


Verbose output.


Shows a brief help screen.

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comedi_board_info was written by David Schleef <> and Bernd Porr <>.


May 2012